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Victoria Park Nuwara Eliya  Sri Lanka
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Victoria Park - Nuwara Eliya is a public town park, rich with beautiful flowering-plants and huge, tall trees alike.

Beautifully arranged and maintained flower gardens with flowers of different colours create patterns which are pleasing to your eyes. The entire surrounding is a colourful painting of nature.

Victoria Park Nuwara Eliya  Sri Lanka

Added to the beauty of greenery, there are walking paths, lawns, ponds, water fountains, bridges and several small lakes in the park. Nanu Oya, a river tributary which flows through this park, helps create many such small lakes beautifully laid inside the park.

Victoria Park Nuwara Eliya  Sri Lanka

Victoria Park - Location

The park is located at a prime location in the center of the city, close to the Post Office building and the Central Bus-stand, hence easily accessible.

Victoria Park Nuwara Eliya  Sri Lanka

The park has two entrances from opposite ends. You need to obtain a ticket at the entrance counter. Though located in the middle of the city, you can breathe cool fresh air in a cool climate here.

Victoria Park is famous for..

Victoria Park Nuwara Eliya  Sri Lanka

Victoria Park is a perfect picnic spot. It is famous for having many varieties of beautiful plants, rare flowering plants and some giant trees which date back to 100 years since the establishment of the park in 1899.

The park is known for its nice landscaping and park site amenities. This beautiful nature Park has many sections based on various themes. There are name boards to direct you to these sections.

Victoria Park Nuwara Eliya  Sri Lanka

There is a kid’s play area inside the park. There is a glasshouse and a museum too. However, the museum is not always open. You will have to enquire from the ticket counter whether it is open at the time of your visit to avoid disappointment.

The park is also famous for bird watching as well. Especially when the surrounding is tranquil, you can enjoy bird seeing.

The park is also a famous photo location which serves plenty of different backdrops of nature.

However, the park is well-known as a place where anyone can relax and enjoy despite age differences.

Victoria Park - Kids’ Play Area

The kids’ play area is also much loved. You get access to it through the main park. Kids’ park is equipped with swings and many amenities and activities for the enjoyment of children. Kids love the play area and the park since it is very spacious.

The mini-railway line in the kids area is very popular among the visitors. The miniature train tour is for both children and adults.

When to Visit

Victoria Park Nuwara Eliya  Sri Lanka

The best time to visit Victoria Park is March to May and August to September. The park is in full bloom during this time.

The park is usually throbbing with energy in April though it’s quite busy during April; the festival season. Many locals visit the park during this time. Further, you will experience quite a lot of traffic during this time. If you prefer peace, you better avoid April.

However, the park is quite calm and tranquil during weekdays. Comparably, it is crowded during the weekend.

On the other hand, any time of the day would be fine to visit the park. But if you love a nice walk among the lush green amidst the mist, a scroll early morning or in the evening would be marvelous.

Entrance Fee and Facilities

Entrance fee is Rs. 500/- for foreign travelers. Foreign ticket prices are usually higher than the local rates yet most of the visitors perceive the rate is reasonable.

Victoria Park Nuwara Eliya  Sri Lanka

It is worth the money if you consider the greenery that takes quite a long time to grow and the beautifully arranged landscaping well maintained for the visitors to keep you at ease.

Park is open throughout the year from 7 am to 7 p.m. Toilet facility is available at the park. There is also a small cafeteria inside the park where you can buy snacks.

Parking facility is available at the parking slot of the Municipal Council, just opposite the Victoria park. However, you might find difficulty parking during the peak in April, the festive season which will require you to find an alternative parking space.


If you plan to stay at Nuwara Eliya at the end of your day tour, this place is an ideal stop to relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the flowery park. Another option similar to this would be an evening stroll in the Gregory Park located closeby.

How to reach Victoria Park - Nuwara Eliya

Victoria Park Nuwara Eliya  Sri Lanka

It is a 5 hrs drive (approximately 170 km) via Avissawella - Hatton - Nuwara Eliya Hwy/A7. You can take a bus from Colombo Fort. You can also take a train from Colombo Railway Station to Nuwara Eliya and get down by Nanu Oya Station and take a tuk tuk to Nuwara Eliya town.

Victoria Park - Facts

Victoria Park is 27 acres in extent. It is said that almost 90% of the plants and flowers found here are foreign varieties. There is also a river named “Nanu Oya” that flows through the park making it a unique park.

Park is managed by the Nuwara Eliya Municipal Council.

Historical Background of Victoria Park

Victoria Park Nuwara Eliya  Sri Lanka

Initially the Park was used as the research field of Hakgala Botanical Garden, Nuwara Eliya and the park was established as a result of a German prince who visited Nuwara Eliya and planted a tree there as part of his visit. According to Wikipedia, it is an oak tree.

However, the Park was later renamed in honour of Queen Victoria in 1897 at her 60th Jubilee Coronation.

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