Kandy Esala Perahera 2023 - Sri Lanka

kandy esala perahera

The most spectacular procession of cultural value in Sri Lanka; Esala Perahera is a must see festival if you visit Sri Lanka in the period between July and August. The Esela Perehara is held in homage to the Sacred Tooth Relic of Buddha.

The sacred tooth of Lord Buddha is kept in the Temple of Tooth in Kandy, Sri Lanka for the devotees to worship. A replica of the Tooth in a beautiful casket is displayed once a year at the Esala Perahera.

Esala Perahera - a Rich Cultural Show

kandy esala perahera

Esala Perahera is an all-inclusive cultural show which brings together almost all forms of authentic Sri Lankan Kandyan art forms. This largest annual religious celebration of Sri Lanka lasts for 10 days giving both local and foreign spectators an invaluable experience.

kandy esala perahera

This is the most awaited annual traditional event for the Sri Lankans all over the country. The locals coming from all the corners of the country gather in the streets and await this spectacular procession from early morning. Therefore, it is advisable to reach the destination early enough to secure your seats to enjoy the show.

Book your seat with online agents

If you wish to secure a place at a prime location, you can book a seat online via an agent.

Get a seat reserved walking down the street

If you look for seats at lower prices, you can get one from the locals selling seats in the open area near their houses, shops or hotels as well.

Mix with the locals and find a seat in the street for free

kandy esala perahera

The procession starts from around 7 pm and if you look for a seat in the streets among the locals, it is advisable to reach there at least around 2 pm, soon after your lunch. It is possible to secure a seat absolutely free if you walk the parade route in the afternoon. You need to get well prepared for a long wait since the show lasts for about 4 hours, until around 11 pm, close to midnight.

The details of the parade

When the parade is about to start, the streets are washed off and then the fire lit lanterns light the way. The whip crackers, Kandyan dancers, drummers, well trained magnificently decorated elephants and many more add so much variety to the parade.

kandy esala perahera
kandy esala perahera

Plan your visit to Sri Lanka when the festival is on during July- August (Each year the days of the procession are announced well in advance) so that you will not miss this beautiful event.

Perahera days for 2023 are as follows.

Here are the Scheduled Official Dates

1st Kumbal Perahera 21st August 2023
2nd Kumbal Perahera 22nd August 2023
03rd Kumbal Perahera 23rd August 2023
04th Kumbal Perahera 24th August 2023
05th Kumbal Perahera 25th August 2023
01st Randoli Perahera 26th August 2023
02nd Randoli Perahera 27th August 2023
03rd Randoli Perahera 28th August 2023
04th Randoli Perahera 29th August 2023
Final Randoli Perahera (The Grand Randoli Procession) 30th August 2023
The water cutting ceremony ( Diya Kapeema) 31st August 2023
Day Perahera 31st August 2023
kandy esala perahera
kandy esala perahera
kandy esala perahera
kandy esala perahera

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