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Welcome to YannaRataWate a truly Sri Lankan travel blog which provides travel guides to destinations around Sri Lanka.

The web name in Sinhalese; “Yanna Rata Wate” means “Explore Destinations around Sri Lanka”.

Sri Lanka is many things; one true paradise. We will tell you about its natural wonders, jungles of lush greenery, wild life, beautiful tropical beaches, tea plantations, historical monuments, architectural monuments, religious places and the unique Sri Lankan delicacies you should try.

You will get to know where to visit, when to visit, what to do and how. You will also find unbiased recommendations for hotels and accommodation, restaurants and cafes.

Sri Lanka has a surprisingly huge geographical diversity within a short span of distance from each other. It has sunny beaches with clear blue skies at one end and giant misty mountains of lush green on the other end, surprisingly within a distance of about 100 km.

You will be amazed to learn that Sri Lanka is a place for hiking, trekking, cycling, watersporting, going on wildlife safari, sunbathing in a relaxing and peaceful environment all alike. Whether you are a Nature Lover, Adventure Lover, Experience Seeker or a Foodie, you have plenty to discover in Sri Lanka.

Despite its geographical diversity, it is a place of very rich biodiversity as well as cultural diversity. Your travel moments will therefore be filled with unique experiences of nature and culture alike. Added to this, your experiences will be further cherished due to the warm hospitality of the locals.

This magical island always has something unique and worthy to offer you whether you are a budget traveller, luxury traveller or backpacker.

Our travel stories will be very informative and with the most up-to-date information. We will go an extra mile to add information about prices, safety measures and most importantly, valuable tips for a better experience. You will appreciate the trustworthy and unbiased content you get to read in our blog.

Our stories will appeal to almost all your senses since we explain things you can see, hear and feel.

You will get to see pictures of the destinations as we see them in our visits so that you will find the pictures very much related to the descriptions.

How you enjoy things depends on each individual’s tastes and attitudes. Hence, this blog would look into things from different points of view as far as possible and comment on the likings of different personalities regarding travel destinations and situations.

Personal experience and feelings would give you a deeper understanding of the travel experiences we share with you.

Water Falls - Sri Lanka

Exploring the True Magic of Destinations

I’m sure you would agree that the magic of a destination entirely depends on the right timing and atmosphere you are in. If you visit the beautiful Sigiriya; Lion Rock, the best time would be morning, so that you will not catch the heat of the day.

The same place would look and feel quite differently in different times of the year. The best time to visit the gold sand beaches of Uppuveli, Trincomalee is before the monsoon season.

The time you wish to spend in each location is also material when discovering greater pleasures. If you really need to mingle in the misty heavens of Gregory Park, Nuwara Eliya, you need to have enough time for a carefree, leisurely walk.

Getting Properly Exposed to Experiences

Whether you are getting properly exposed to unique experiences also matters. For example, to get the maximum feeling of tasting Sri Lankan dishes, one should eat using bare hands.

Suppose, you are a diehard beach lover. The same beach experience may relate to you and me from two different perspectives. If you love the tranquility of the serene atmosphere of a white sandy beach, you should visit Pasikuda beach during off peak. But if you love to associate with the locals and enjoy the beaches throbbing with life, you should visit Uppuveli beach during peak.

What is So Special About This Blog ?

This blog is not just about information, lists, facts and figures. We will try to touch on rather sensitive aspects of traveling in our blog and unravel things that only a native Sri Lankan could make you aware of.

We are more than happy to inspire you for your next trip to Sri Lanka.