Bahirawakanda Temple - View Point Kandy

Bahirawakanda Temple statue
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Bahirawakanda Temple, located in Bahirawakanda Hill, Kandy is a much loved tourist attraction, mostly due to its location. It gives you a panoramic view of the ancient Kandy city where you can enjoy the tranquility of the serene environment.

Bahirawakanda Temple statue

It is also well known for the giant Buddha statue it houses there. This beautiful white statue is a visible landmark for anyone from almost everywhere in the city.

The serene environment, the spectacular view, the comforting breeze, all add to a heavenly atmosphere you would never want to miss.

The View Point

Bahirawakanda Temple dress code

You can enjoy a 360 degree view of Kandy city from the summit of the Bahirawakanda hill where the temple is situated. You can take a memorable collection of photos of the landscape from there.

This temple is so special that you can see certain parts of the temple situated inside the giant Buddha statue. You can also climb the stairs from behind the statue all the way to the years of the Buddha statue and have a mesmerizing view from there too.

One of the Tallest Buddha’s Satues of Sri Lanka

Bahirawakanda Temple statue

The Buddha statue in the posture of meditation is one of the tallest in Sri Lanka. It is 88 feet high and in brilliant white colour. The sight of the giant Buddha statue that overlooks the city cannot be compared with any other statues you find around the world.

You will keep looking at the statue for the peace of mind it gives you with the blue skies from the above during the beautiful morning. The statue is also beautifully lit up at night and makes a magnificent view.

Souvenir Shop and Book Stall

The temple is a popular place of worship for the Buddhist devotees while the tourists can enjoy the view. The visitors also have a souvenir shop there and a very rich book stall with many books and magazines on Buddhism and Buddhist Philosophy for very reasonable prices.

How to Reach the Temple

Bahirawakanda Temple statue

You can reach your destination approximately 2 km from the city center or from the Temple of Tooth Relic. You can walk up the hill without much difficulty or take a tuk tuk if you wish to. The hilly part starts from the Pushpadana road, just opposite the Kandy Police Station.

You will have to climb a set of steep stairs to reach the temple where the effort is negligible compared to the spectacular view you would enjoy.

Historical Background

This Buddhist temple is an important shrine of Buddhist devotees and known as “Sri Maha Bodhi Mahaviharaya” though popularly known as “Bahirawakanda Temple”.

The temple dates back to the 1970s and was founded by Ven. Ampitiye Dammarama Thero. It is said that Dammarama Thero initiated the construction of the giant statue somewhere in the 1980s and completed construction in the year 1992.

Stories and Beliefs

The name of the hill; “Bahirawa Kanda '' means the Hill of the Devil. According to the legend, this Devil’s HIll was once inhabited by a man eating devil. It is believed that the place was rescued a long time ago and now blessed with a temple.

Tips to Travel

Bahirawakanda Temple statue

In Sri Lanka, it is generally a custom to remove your shoes and caps when you visit a religious place. Therefore, it is better to adhere to the customs which are very much valued. But you can keep your socks on if you feel uncomfortable.

However, it is highly recommended to walk barefoot as and when possible at all times, to feel the warmth of the soil and enjoy the comfort of the green grass which is good for health.

The temple is not very much concerned regarding clothes you wear. However, it is advisable for the women to cover their knees and shoulders.

Spiritual and Cultural Experience

You can see the devotees offering flowers, lighting oil lamps and incense sticks and worship with devotion.

There are many who wait at the shrine, sit leisurely and meditate. Some others stay with ease of mind and introspect on the inner self.

Entrance Fee

This is a sacred place of worship which is not supposed to stay crowded throughout. Hence, the authorities charge a small fee of average LKR 300 to manage footprints as well as to compensate for its maintenance.

Bahirawakanda Temple Timing

The surroundings of Bahirawakanda Temple is peaceful and calm throughout the day. However, it is extremely tranquil and comforting during the early morning. You can enjoy the beauty of nature in its pure form at this time, also without much crowd in the area. You are sure to feel rejuvenated after the much worth climb first thing in the morning.

The best time to climb up the hill for a breathtaking view of the rustic Kandy city is definitely in the dusk. When the entire city is lit up with lights, you can witness the sky both from above and below with twinkling stars. The lit up giant Buddha statue adds to the brilliance.

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