Ambuluwawa Tower - Everything You Need To Know

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola Sri Lanka
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Ambuluwawa is a crazy spiral tower in the hill country you should not miss in your visit to Sri Lanka. It gives you an unmatched hiking experience on a tiny walkway up to a tiny top.

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola Sri Lanka

You will love the breathtaking view of the surroundings from the high sky which you won’t see unless you have wings.

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola Sri Lanka

This visit is a half a day excursion from Kandy hence would definitely fit with your travel plan to Kandy.

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola Sri Lanka

Ambuluwawa is the ideal place for those who are with an adventurous spirit and for those who love a short trip to a fairy tale where Jack is in the Beanstalk or Rapunzel is locked in a giant tower.

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola Sri Lanka

Details of the Giant Tower

Let’s read more about this amazing excursion so that you won't forgo a heart-racing adventure in your visit to Sri Lanka.

The tower is situated Approximately 1965 feet above Gampola town. Infact, Ambuluwawa mountain is about 3567 m above sea level.

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola Sri Lanka

Tower is about 54.5 meters in height and stands from the temple complex base. The climb of the Tower starts from within the temple complex.

The tower has a beautiful spiral structure and takes the shape of a cone. You will agree with me that it's a beautiful architectural creation. In Fact the design of the tower derives from the basic design of a Buddhist stupa or Dageboa.

The Tower design is said to have a deeper meaning related to Buddhist Philosophy. It is said that each level of the tower represents certain levels of realization of human existence. The first, second, third and fourth levels respectively represent water, ground, fire and wind which are known as the four basic substances. Fifth and six levels represent consciousness and space. The seventh or the final level symbolizes “Nirvana” or enlightenment.

Ambuluwawa Mountain Hill

Ambuluwawa Mountain is a valuable excursion for those who love to explore the nature of beautiful Sri Lanka. Especially for those who challenge themselves with a unique hiking experience should include this to their list.

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola Sri Lanka

Ambuluwawa reservation is home for numerous indigenous plants. According to research findings in 2003 over 126 species out of which 29 endemic species were found in Ambuluwawa Mountain.

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola Sri Lanka

Ambuluwawa mountain is quite interestingly situated amidst several other mountain ranges from all directions. The surrounding mountains are namely Piduruthalagala; the heist mountain of Sri Lanka, Bathalegala , Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak), Knuckles Mountain Range and many other small mountain ranges such as Hunnasgiri, Hanthana.

View from Ambuluwawa Tower Top

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola Sri Lanka

The tower gives you a 360 degree view of the surroundings with its rich diversity of forests, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and trees covered with beautiful flowers. The view is more like a colourful painting with the floating clouds and mists.

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola Sri Lanka

It is also quite interesting to notice numerous roads running uphill amidst the greenery when they lead through mountains of different heights.

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola Sri Lanka

There may be hill tops from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the landscape below. But, when you stand on the tiny space on the top of the Ambuluwawa Tower, I bet it gives the feeling of a solitary bird flying high in the sky.

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola Sri Lanka

Added to it, the amazing heavenly atmosphere there due to ongoing mist and the comforting cool breeze makes the climb worth very much. It may be due to untouched mountain ranges which stay guarding Ambuluwawa mountain.

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola Sri Lanka

The small structure of the giant Tower built close to the base of the tower is also a beautiful capture from above.

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola Sri Lanka

Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Center

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola late Prime Minister of Sri Lanka  Mr. D.M. Jayarathne

Inaugurated by the late Prime Minister of Sri Lanka; Mr. D.M. Jayarathne. We could meet the minister on one of our visits to the tower with a foreign couple for a hotel promotion video.

The large park, a herbal garden, with the biodiversity center is an admirable establishment.

Multi-religious Complex

The Multi-religious Complex of Ambuluwawa is Sri Lanka’s first multi-religious sanctuary. The complex is a modern concept of a combination of Buddhist Temple, Hindu Kovil, Muslim Mosque and a Christian church. It is an ideal place to experience the unique diversity of culture in Sri Lanka.

How to reach Ambuluwawa Tower

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola Sri Lanka

This giant white tower is situated 5km away from Gampola town which is a 85 Km distance from Colombo. If you first visit Kandy and then plan a half a day excursion to Gampola, it would be better since you can have a better understanding about how the weather would be like. It is a 19 km distance and approximately 30 minutes drive to Gampola from Kandy depending on the traffic.

You can take a tuk tuk to reach the tower from Gampola town and you will have to walk approximately 1.5 km from the entrance where you will have to park your vehicles until you walk to the tower.

By train

You can easily take a train from Kandy Railway Station to Gampola which is a very short journey that will take about half an hour. From Gampola station you can take a tuk tuk to the Tower itself. (About 6 km) However, we are sure that you will enjoy getting down from Ambuluwawa Biodiversity complex (4km from Gampola Railway Station) and walking to the Tower.

By Bus

You can also take a bus from Kandy town which will be very convenient since there are plenty. This will take around 1 hour for you and again you will have to take a tuk tuk once you get down from Gampola town.

Tips for your visit

Is it a risky place?

Ambuluwawa is not a dangerous or a risky place. However, any place can turn out to be dangerous if you behave recklessly.

Especially, when the Tower is busy with a big crowd, you should climb consciously since there is only room for one person to climb one way as you ascend higher. However, there are small chambers in the middle of the structure allowing you to make way for others to cross.

There are approximately 160 steps to climb before you reach the top and the average time taken for a climb and return trip is 40 minutes. But this may vary according to how busy the day you visit.

The stairs towards the very top are gradually narrowing and you should be conscious as to step carefully to ensure safety.

Ambuluwawa Tower narrow-steps Gampola Sri Lanka

You should also avoid leaning on the railing while you climb the tower. Also, make it a note that you might forget caution when enjoying posing for photographs.

Are you afraid of heights?

The view from above is extremely unique due to mist that comes on and off. If you are scared of heights, you must mentally be prepared to note that the view you see when the mist is off would be alarming. However, we would like to mention here that this is relatively an easy hike compared to the visit to Adam’s peak.

Condition of the Stairway

One can also comment looking at the stairway that it is not well-maintained. However, this place cannot be compared to a modern tower tiled with shiny material. It has its rustic looks and a different taste.

Is it safe to climb in the evening ?

The sunset is also remarkable and creates spectacular scenery. However, it is advisable to return and reach the bottom of the tower before night falls since the lighting is very low to the top of the tower at night. You can keep your phones well charged incase of need.

Is it a good hike for the elderly and kids ?

Not recommended for elderly travelers or small kids to climb until the very top of the tower. You can try half way until you feel comfortable and enjoy the view and the feeling which you will cherish a lifetime.

What to Wear ?

Wearing sneakers or shoes that would suit hiking is recommended. Relaxed or sporty clothing would be better.Heavy backpacks and camera equipment would be troublesome.

Best time to visit

Better to avoid the rainy season. The rain will give you a very hard atmosphere to climb whereas you will miss the breathtaking views you could see when there is a clearer sky. It also would definitely be a risky climb if there is lightning.

Open Hours

Entrance Fee

Entrance fee may be paid online or purchased at the counter at the site.

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola Sri Lanka

Adult Foreigners -LKR 1000/=

Child - LKR 500/=

Visit website -


Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex,
Ambuluwawa, Gampola,
Sri Lanka


+94 71 272 4724

Historical Background

The modern temple and the tower was built in 2006. It is named as "Govi Jana Seya". However, Ambuluwawa Temple has its roots dating back to the 14th century when the city of Gamola was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka. During the reign of King Buwanekabahu IV, Ambuluwawa had been the center of Gampola kingdom.

Ambuluwawa Tower Gampola Sri Lanka

Giant trees covered by beautiful red flowers make the view extra special.

The trees and the creepers of wide range make a view that is incomparable to any other.

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