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Yanna Rata Wate Travel Blog Sri Lanka

Hi ! I'm Dilhara. This is my husband Nishan and our son Thisara; a Sri Lankan family, sharing our travel experiences with you ….

We started our new journey of travel life-in 2022 soon after quitting my job which was keeping me from who I really am and what I really want to become.

I was a Banker in the field of commercial credit for 17 long years, trapped in busy schedules in the world of business. Very little was I aware of how freedom really feels like.

We now know that life has much more to offer, if and only if we wish to take the middle path and simple ways of living.

Nishan, my soulmate is the one who turned everything around, to a direction I would never have imagined otherwise. He always believed in doing what he loved to make a living.

Yanna Rata Wate Travel Blog Sri Lanka

After graduating with a Business Administration degree he started as a freelance web designer and developer in 2010. Moving forward, he learnt photography and has been a passionate photographer in the field of Hotel and Commercial Photography since 2014.

After quitting my job as a Banker I capitalized one of my strengths as a content writer and helped expand my husband’s business while working as an English tutor for Sri Lankan students. We work exclusively online while enjoying the freedom of being able to travel as and when our hearts crave for it.

We travel together as a family and enjoy our precious time together. I blog about our travel experiences whereas Nishan is the one always behind the camera creating beautiful memories. Above all, our little son does the work of a genuine critique for all sorts of experiences we gather.

Our passion for Blogging our travel experiences commenced with deeper meanings. When the outbreak of Covid 19 along with some other chaos in the country hit tourism in Sri Lanka hard, the country had to face numerous difficulties. Sri Lanka is still trying hard to get over the consequences.

We wish to explore and blog every nook and corner of Sri Lanka with the right native feeling of everything we have in this paradise; Sri Lanka. Our ultimate objective is to help enhance tourism in Sri Lanka while helping travellers from around the world who wish to discover the beauty of this island throbbing with nature in its true form.